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African cichlids from the lakes of Tanganyika and Malawi have gained their popularity primarily by their variety and colourfulness, which often exceeds that of all sorts of ocean fish. They are also interesting due to their behaviour and the relatively low demands for their breeding.

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In our aquariums, you will find 450 species of fish from the lakes of Tanganyika, Malawi, and Victoria, which exclusively come from Czech breeders. We breed and reproduce more than 200 species of the given number ourselves. In the first place, we primarily focus on the breeding of fish caught in the wild (in the lakes of Tanganyika and Malawi), but we also breed F1 generation fish (the first generation born in an aquarium). We regularly organise the import of fish from nature.

Every day, we do everything we can in order to offer you first-rate quality fish that enjoy excellent health. We entrust the care for them only to trained employees who carry the “Breeder of Aquarium Fish” certificate. The fish are fed exclusively with high-quality natural and brand-name feeds.


  • altolamprologus compresiceps goldhed kasanga
  • altolamprologus calvus black pectoral
  • cyphotilapia frontosa black widow
  • cyphotilapia frontosa black widow juveniles
  • cyphotilapia frontosa blue mpimbwe juveniles
  • cyphotilapia frontosa blue zaire moba
  • cyphotilapia frontosa blue zaire moba group
  • cyphotilapia frontosa burundi
  • cyprichromis jumbo yellow head
  • cyprichromis leptosoma kitumba albino
  • cyprichromis leptosoma livua
  • cyprichromis leptosoma moba
  • cyprichromis microlepidotus kasai
  • cyprichromis microlepidotus mboko
  • eretmodus cyanostictus
  • chalinochromis brichardi
  • lamprologus meleagris
  • neolamprologus cygnus juveniles
  • neolamprologus helianthus
  • neolamprologus nigriventris
  • opthalmotilapia boops nkondwe
  • opthalmotilapia ventralis bright blue kantalamba
  • paracyprichromis nigripinnis blue neon
  • paracyprichromis nigripinnis blue neon albino
  • tropheus brichardi kipili albino
  • tropheus moori chimba
  • tropheus moorii bulu point
  • tropheus moori ikola
  • tropheus moori ilangi yellow nkamba bay
  • tropheus moori ilangi yellow real top
  • petrochromos moshi
  • tropheus moori kiriza gold
  • tropheus moori red chipimbi albino
  • tropheus moori red rainbow
  • xenotilapia nigrolabiata red princess chituta
  • xenotilapia ochrogenys karilani


  • Aulonocara Mamelela
  • Aulonocara Fire Fish
  • Cynotilapia Afra Jalo Reef
  • Cynotilapia Sp. Mbamba Luwino Reef
  • Labidochromis Sp. Mbamba Bay
  • Melanochromis Maingano
  • Metriaclima Emmiltos Mphanga Rocks Red Top Zebra
  • Nimbochromis Linni
  • Otopharynx Roxy
  • Placidochromis Phenochilus Lupingu
  • Placidochromis Phenochilus Mdoka.jpg
  • Placidochromis Phenochilus Mdoka White Lips
  • Placidochromis Sp. Gisseli
  • Pseudotropheus Demasoni
  • Pseudotropheus Elongatus Mpanga
  • Pseudotropheus Msobo Magunga


  • Haplochromis Cribensis Hard Rock
  • Haplochromis Nyererei Ruti Island

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I work with Jirka 10 years, he has many kinds of rare fish, excellent quality fish, good prices.

Toms tanganyikans, Tom


I visited their new fishhouse several times personally. There is the best choise Tanganika and Malawi fish I have seen in Europe.

Bernd Ackerbauer


Our company cooperate with Jirka from Eurofish for many years. Their fish have allways very good quality. They have large assortment of fish also.

Marco Antonio Quijano Perez


Competitive prices, quality fish, packing without DOA.

Ornamental fish import export, Sam


After long-term cooperation, I strongly recommend Jirka and his business. Offers a wide variety of healthy and quality fish, service and reliability in the first place.

Elad Bornstein - Aquatica


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